7 Adventure Trips Travelers Must Add to Their Bucket List


If you are passionate about taking adventurous trips often, especially when you are on a vacation, then there are certain places you must travel to so that you can experience the thrill and adventure whenever you travel to those places. Few trips may seem risky at first, but when you go ahead and conquest your fear during your journey, you will feel eternal bliss and more confidence than ever before. Here are the 7 trips that every traveler should consider for a thrilling experience.

Everest Base Camp, Nepal

If trekking excites you, then you must travel to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. If you have at least 15 days in hand, then the trek to this wonderful base camp where you reach the foot of the highest mountain range will simply be worth it. You can go hiking there and click photos of your achievements after climbing such a high altitude. Visit this beautiful place for a life-changing experience

Milford Track, New Zealand

The country New Zealand is popular for offering the travelers nine official Great Walks. Out of the lot, traveling or rather going for hiking and trekking to Milford Track is worth enjoying. Depending upon your stamina, you might take four or five days to accomplish your journey. Fiordland National Park offers the travelers many places to visit like lakes, ice fields, and waterfalls with a spectacular view that is beyond comparison.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu, which is considered to be a secret city situated in the mountains, is waiting to be discovered by avid travelers who love trekking. If you choose to trek across the area, you will surely find a plenty of hidden gems and mysterious places, which will make your journey worthwhile. You can find a lot of accommodation choices here for a pleasant stay, including resorts, hotels, vacation homes, and more.

Ladakh, India

Adventurers love to go to Ladakh on a road trip for a thrilling experience. Enroute Ladakh, you may get to see a snow leopard, which prefers living in the colder atmosphere. They have been spotted on very rare occasions, but it’s a pleasure spotting them. Enjoy the snow, the sightseeing, and the road trips to the beautiful spot.

NamibRand, Namibia

In today’s modern world, witnessing a single star in the city has become a rare possibility. Visit this place to experience a breathtaking view of the universe’s ultimate celestial views in the sky at night. The place is very calm, peaceful, and has a clear sky, which will help you strike a celestial night at Namibia off your bucket list.

Ningaloo, Western Australia

It is amazing to share a swimming journey with aqua base endangered species during your trip to the western side of Australia. The Ningaloo Reef comprises of at least 200 plus varieties of coral and fishes where you can easily go for underwater diving.

St Helena, South Atlantic

One of the greatest trips that are adventurous as well as relaxing is the trip to St Helena where you have to board a cruise to reach the island located in a remote location. Eating, sleeping, and dancing in the middle of the sea is exciting as well as thrilling because the weather changes anytime. Beware of the icebergs and avoid Titanic-like situation though. St Helena is a small yet beautiful island known for its tropical weather. Volcanic after effects are felt over here, thus making it worth to be added to your bucket list.

Visit these spots and strike all the adventurous trips off your bucket list.


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